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Google Layoffs: After Twitter, Now Google’s Parent Company Alphabet Is Going To Lay Off 10,000 Employees

Google’s parent company Alphabet is going to lay off 10,000 of its employees. After Meta, Amazon, Twitter, and Salesforce, it is now Alphabet’s turn to lay off. It is believed that the company can lay off employees equal to 6 percent of its total workforce.

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. Is planning to take out about 6 percent of its total employees. It has been learned in a new report that the world’s largest tech giant Google can show the way out to more than 10,000 of its employees worldwide. According to the report, the managers of different teams have been asked to assess the employees. And the employees whose performance is found to be poor will be asked to leave the company. 6 percent of the employees means – leaving more than 10,000 employees of Google. It is not clear at this time whether this assessment and layoff will be done in select verticals or if this process will be adopted across the company.

Google May Lay Off Around 10,000 Employees

According to a report, Google may lay off around 10,000 employees under the new ranking and performance improvement plan to employees with poor performance. Through the new performance management system, thousands of employees whose performance is not good will be thrown out at the beginning of next year. Managers can use the ratings for these employees so that they don’t have to pay bonuses and stock grants.

Google’s parent company Alphabet has made a large number of recruitments in the last quarter and perhaps the reason for this was the growth during the Corona Pandemic. However, experts have different opinions about this. British billionaire fund manager Christopher Hawn recently pointed out that Google employees generally get paid more than the rest of the industry. According to reports, since 2017, the number of Google employees has increased by about 20 percent annually and experts have advised reducing this number so that the company can keep itself strong in the future.

Employees Will Get A Pink Slip From The Beginning Of Next Year.

According to reports, about 6 percent of Alphabet’s employees may soon get pink slips based on performance (early next year). Let us tell you that earlier there was news that the company can cut its workforce by about 2 percent.

It is worth noting that Alphabet is one of the largest tech companies in the world. The company currently has over 1,87,000 employees and according to the latest US SEC filing, they get an average annual salary of around Rs 2.5 crore. However, the profit of the company has suddenly decreased. In the third quarter of 2022, the company suffered a loss of about 27 percent compared to the same quarter last year. And this could be one of the major reasons for the layoffs being done by the company.

So Far About 40000 Employees Have Lost Their Jobs

If there is a layoff by Google, then Alphabet will also be included in the list of companies like Meta, Twitter, and Amazon. Recall that recently, giant tech companies like Facebook’s parent company Meta, Twitter owner Elon Musk, and Amazon have also announced a large number of reductions in their workforce. Meta recently confirmed the layoff of over 11,000 employees. There are reports of Amazon firing more than 10000 and Twitter more than 3500 employees. Now Google’s Alphabet is also firing 100,000 people.

Now The Sword Will Hang On The Jobs Of Thousands Of Employees

HP Inc. may also reduce 6000 employees during the next 3 years. Due to the continuous decrease in the demand for personal computers, the company’s profits have come down. Hard-drive maker Seagate Technology Holdings Plc. may also lay off 3000 employees. In addition, Cisco Systems Inc. Last year also announced office closures and job cuts. But at the moment no information has been given about the number.

5 Companies That May Continue To Lay Off Next Year

  • Meta
  • Twitter (Twitter)
  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft (Microsoft)