December 6, 2023 06:17:57

Gender Roles Aren’t Gender Requirements: Gender Roles Have Changed In many ways Over Time

Gender roles have changed a lot over the years. Society has also changed the perception of accepting it.

Gender roles are assigned to us the moment we are born when the doctor says whether the child is a boy or a girl. As we grow up, society creates a picture for us that men and women should be different from each other in their behavior, their dressing style, their responsibilities, their gestures, and the list goes on. She goes away. Many of us do not even think about it and the question never comes to our mind as to why one type of gender is seen on a fixed scale. But we follow the rules set by society and we want people to accept us as well.

What are the common beliefs related to gender roles and how have they changed over time?

  • Dress For Yourself, Not To Please People

Earlier, if a man used to wear a skirt, he was looked at differently, but now it has become a fashion statement. Using makeup by men was not considered well before, but now many types of products are made from it. Women who were earlier considered cute only in dresses and skirts now wear loose pants and hooded pullovers.

  • All Can Earn Money

The number of fathers who take care of the children and also do household chores is now increasing in comparison to mothers. Traditionally, it was believed that women are only capable of handling household chores and children. Now both men and women are responsible for the earnings of the house and there are not only men but also women in the field of aeronautics, forensics, engineering, etc.

  • Your Feelings Are Not Just Yours

Traditionally it was believed that the heart of men is made of stone. So he was always expected to show courage. He did not have to weaken at any point. But emotional or weak men are no longer considered different. Also, there is nothing wrong with a woman trying to solve a big problem on her own.

  • Adventure And Hobbies Are For Everyone

Women can also lift heavy things, men can also design something new or do the interior of the house. Men are not considered weak if they do yoga and do not go to the gym. And women don’t need superpowers to drive fast.