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G-20 Summit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi To Participate In The Summit in Indonesia, Know Which Leaders Will Meet And What Will Be The Issues!

Antalya: Prime Minister Narendra Modi with US President Barack Obama during the G-20 group photo at the G20 Turkey 2015, in Antalya, Turkey on Sunday. PTI Photo (PTI11_15_2015_000239B)

G-20 Summit 2022: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Indonesia on a two-day visit, where he will participate in the G-20 summit held in Bali. PM Modi will participate in many meetings at the conference. Know the specialty.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Indonesia on a two-day visit on November 15 and 16, where he will attend the 17th G20 summit in Bali. This two-day visit of PM Modi is going to be very busy. In just less than two days, they will have bilateral and multilateral meetings of more than 24 hours. This conference of this time is very important for India because the responsibility of the next summit will be handed over to India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold formal and informal talks with leaders of the G20 and invited countries as well as international organizations. In this episode, there is a possibility of PM’s bilateral meetings with leaders of more than eight countries including Britain, France, America, Singapore, and Australia. This time the theme of the G20 summit is Recover Together, Recover Stronger and emerge stronger together.

Highlights Of The Summit

Heads of G20 member countries, visiting countries, and international organizations are in direct reach to participate in the Bali summit. Discussions are going on at the conference on the Bali Declaration regarding the G-20 organization and India’s G-20 Presidency. It is expected to be ratified in this meeting of the G20 leaders. During the presidency of G-20, India will hold around 200 meetings in 32 different sectors across the country.

It is the premier forum for international economic cooperation, with over 75% of global trade, representing approximately 85% of global GDP, and nearly two-thirds of the world’s population.

The presidency of the G20 is a better opportunity for India to provide better guidance and meaningful leadership to the international community. Its Presidency is also a good opportunity for India to give an Indian touch, and shape the betterment of the world, and establish its presence in the global community.

During the G-20 several presidencies, India will allow shaping the global agenda on issues of international importance such as inclusive and resilient development regime, green development, mission LIFE, technological transformation, women-oriented development, and multilateral reforms.

Next year’s G-20 summit will be held in India, which will be the country’s most high-profile international event so far.