December 6, 2023 06:08:55

Former spouses of Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift, go out together in New York City: Does this really exist?

Weeks after Sophie Turner revealed her breakup with Joe Jonas, Taylor Swift and the latter were photographed socialising together in New York City.
If we said we anticipated this, we’d be lying. Taylor Swift was seen hanging out with Joe Jonas’ ex-wife Sophie Turner after delivering his “babies presents.” In New York, the couple strolled hand in hand as onlookers and photographers snapped images of them.

Sophie looked lovely in a grey blouse and trousers, and Taylor looked stunning in a red dress and a blue denim jacket. The two were serving, as one fan put it.

Given that Joe and Sophie only recently announced their divorce and that there are indications the split may not have been amicable, their outing may be perceived as a message in and of itself. According to rumours, Sophie delighted in partying and increased her outings while Joe carried the burden of their relationship by raising their girls. On the internet, Joe received a lot of backlash for allegedly manipulating the story to paint Sophie as the terrible mother. And it appears that Taylor has taken a side now.

However, Joe and Taylor were romantically involved in 2008. He famously dumped her over the phone, and she is credited with inspiring the song Mr. Perfectly Fine.

Even fans couldn’t help but be excited about their trip to New York. “Not the ex girlfriends getting together,” said one. “I’m very delighted after seeing this picture! One person remarked, “Girlfriends standing up for each other should be praised. Another person said, “Oh don’t end that Jonas brother like that Taylor.”

On social media, Taylor and Sophie have previously fangirled over one another. Sophie made light of Taylor’s 2019 release of Mr. Perfectly Fine on Instagram Stories, saying it was “not NOT a BOP.” In her response, Taylor referred to Sophie as the Game of Thrones character Sansa Stark and said, “Bend the knee to the queen in the North.”