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Follow these 10 ways from Tina Dutta’s diet and make yourself fit like her

  1. Egg white

Tina Datta’s breakfast menu usually relies on egg whites cooked by her mother. As per major online food portals, eggs contain a variety of important nutrients to support the body’s metabolism.

  1. Coffee or tea

Likes flavored drinks, Tina likes to drink tea and coffee. But she chose to keep adding sugar in limited quantities. As per health.com, natural sugar contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber that are good for the body with a record level of consumption of no more than six teaspoons per day.

  1. Roti and sabzi (vegetables)

During lunch, one of the foods that Tina eats is bread and sabzi. Sabzi is a general term for plant foods such as vegetables. As per reports by eatingwell.com, vegetables are an important menu for everyone to consume because they offer a variety of benefits.

  1. Ghar ka khana (masakan rumahan)

On the dinner menu, Tina chose to eat home-cooked dishes such as ghar ka khana. Ghar ka khana itself is the name of a variety of typical Indian home cooking that has the basic ingredients of vegetables.

  1. Yogurt dan rasgulla

For a snack, Tina prefers a sweet dessert or snack. As per an interview with an entertainment website, Tina’s favorite sweets are mishti doi and rasgulla. Mishti Doi is the name for yogurt. While rasgulla is a sweet syrupy food made from cheese.

  1. Puchka dan egg roll

Other snacks, namely puchka and egg rolls are also favored by Tina Datta. This snack is a typical street food that is commonly found in India. Puchka, also known as Pani-puri, is fried bread in the shape of a crispy ball filled with boiled potatoes and oats.

  1. Dal, chawal, dan ayam

Unexpectedly, Tina Datta turned out to be cooking her own daily menu. In an interview, Tina said, “Well, sometimes I cook. My best dishes are usually dal (processed beans), chawal (processed rice), chicken, and fish.”

  1. Chicken and fish with salad

Tina’s protein intake comes from fish and chicken. For the lunch menu, Tina eats the meat and combines it with a salad. As per foodal.com, salad can be a nutritious and healthy dish that provides significant health benefits.

  1. Biscuits and green tea

In the afternoon, Tina will then eat two biscuits accompanied by green tea. As seen on medicalnewstoday.com, green tea contains ingredients that play a role in increasing energy metabolism. This drink can help maintain ideal body weight.

  1. Fruit or soup

Tina’s dinner includes fruit. This time she chose kiwi fruit, watermelon, apple, or orange. But if she’s still hungry, Tina will eat a bowl of soup before 8 pm.