June 24, 2024 10:07:03 booked.net

Finland To Issue More Visas To Indian Nurses And Skilled Workers!

The Finnish government’s decision to double the number of visas allowed to nurses and skilled workers will benefit states including Kerala. The decision to grant more visas, including to tech workers and nurses from India, comes in the context of a severe crisis in the number of skilled workers.

Finnish Labor Minister Moolah Hatiainen reached an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when he arrived in India last day. Regarding the labor migration of people from Kerala, under the leadership of NORCA Principal Secretary Suman Billa and NORCA CEO K. Harikrishnan Namboothiri, discussions have been held with the Finnish authorities.

Out of a total of 55 lakh people in Finland, only 25 lakh people are employed. As the number of retirees increased, many organizations were in crisis. Many hospitals have reduced the number of beds due to a shortage of nurses. A survey conducted by the country’s Ministry of Labor in March revealed that 70% of companies are in crisis due to a lack of employees.

According to the central government, there are currently 15,463 Indians in Finland (7231 NRI, 8232 OCI cards). It is estimated that 1200 students are doing higher studies here. Most of them are Masters-PhD students. Finland aims to triple the number of students by 2030. To the nurses from Kerala to provide more opportunities for Finland and Kerala curricula in Nursing Studies is coordination possible? Norca CEO will check.