December 5, 2023 02:02:39

Find Out Why You Should Watch The Movie ‘Subramanyam for Sale’

Subramanyam for Sale is a 2015 Telugu- language action romantic comedy film written and directed by Harish Shankar, and produced by Dil Raju on Sri Venkateswara Creations banner. The film stars Sai Dharam Tej, Regina Cassandra, and Adah Sharma 

Subramanyam for Sale is a tale of family, love, and responsibility, the story is about moneymaker Subramanyam (Sai Dharam Tej). He is the beloved son of (Naresh) and goes to any extent to earn a few dollars to clear his debts. On the other hand, Seeta (Regina)’s father (Suman Talwar) wants to get her married to a relative much against her will. And she runs away from home, with the help of Biyyum Bucchi (Rao Ramesh). That’s when Subramanyam meets up with Seeta (Regina) and helps to get over her crisis in America. Soon after, Geeta (Tejaswini) forces Seeta to return home for her marriage and asks Subrahmanyam to feign as her husband and go to her place. That’s when Subrahmanyam pens to solve the family problem of Seeta, instead, he sees that there are more issues to be settled, thanks to NRI Rajashekahar (Naga Babu). In this situation, his life takes a forceful turn as Govind (Ajay) associates start following him. In these situations, one can easily predict the outcome, when the boy is smothered between two families.

Viewpoints of Audience about Movie & Actors

The performance of the actors ingeminates the fact the story is a rehash of several commercial films that have come before. I know it’s a bit too early, but Sai Dharam Tej gets the “Supreme Hero” tagline with this film. He delivered an energetic performance through SFS. He not only succeeds in impressing fans with his acting, dance, and moves but also does an excellent job of imitating Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi, though sometimes things go overboard. It’s high time, he needs to work on his emotions in dramatic sequences. With a demanding role that requires her to look pretty and tough simultaneously, Regina has a great challenge at her hands, but she manages it fine. And she looked damn pretty in the “Naalo Em Jarigindo” song.  Tejaswini looked just about okay. Suman Talwar and Naga Babu have done a decent job. Rao Ramesh looked comfortable in an extended SVSC role with a pinch of vindictive emotions. Adah Sharma is mediocre in her extended cameo. Fish Venkat and Brahmanandam have limited roles to play and they perform them fine as well. Ajay is wasted in a short role.