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Find out the reason behind making swastika? Its Origin and Significance !

The swastika is an ancient symbol used by different cultures across the globe. It can be recognized as a cross with its four arms bent at right angles and moving clockwise or counterclockwise. People have been using it since prehistoric times. It is still used in many cultures as a sacred sign for all auspicious beginnings. However, there is Hitler’s cross, mistaken as the swastika, and banned in several western countries like Germany, Austria, France, etc. symbolizes hatred and genocide.

The Swastika Symbol

The holy Swastika or the evil Hakenkreuz!!! Are they both the same, or are they different? Let us understand the significance of the two signs from

their origin, history, and meaning in this lesson.

Swastika Origin

The symbol of a cross with four hands bending at right angles, clockwise or counterclockwise, has been used by many cultures across the globe for centuries. It was called by many different names like Manji in Japan, Wan in China, Fylfot in England, Tetraskelion and gammadion in Greece, Hakenkreuz in Germany, or the Swastika in India. The Nazi symbol or more popularly Hitler’s cross, had a slight bend at a 40-degree angle.

Meaning: The Swastika has been interpreted mainly as a symbol of peace, prosperity, and goodwill. For the Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains, it symbolizes good fortune, peace, and protection from evil. Swastika came from the Sanskrit words Su (good), asti (to be), ik (what is in existence will continue to exist), a ( feminine gender). Thus, the symbol in any form reflects divinity.

The clockwise Swastika represents the sun and successes, while the counterclockwise Swastika, or the swastika, represents the night and karma.

Another meaning to this symbol is of hatred and genocide after Hitler used it for his Nazi party during the 20th century.

Difference of the two symbols

It is very essential for us to recognize the differences between the two symbols in order to understand how and why Hitler used it and demonized the once so holy symbol. The Hindu Swastika symbol is always red or orange in color, whereas Hitler and the Nazis always used black for their cross. Another notable difference is the angle of the cross. Hitler’s cross was tilted at a 40-degree angle, whereas the hands of the Swastika stand straight at right angles.

The most crucial difference, of course, is the symbolism each stands for.