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Find Out More About The Controversial Love Life Of Kishore Kumar!

Kishore Kumar was the most successful singer who became the voice of several superstars Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Shammi Kapoor, Dharmendra, and many more.

Not only was Kishore Kumar rich in versatility, but he also made a mark in the industry as an actor, songwriter, composer, producer, director, and writer. Kishore Kumar played an important role in bringing the status of superhero to three heroes of Hindi cinema, with the magic of his voice, Dev Anand the evergreen hero. The more interesting Kishore Kumar’s professional life was, the more interesting his personal life was.

Personal Life Of Kishore Da

Talking about their personal life, Kishore Kumar did four marriages. He was first married to Ruma Devi, but they soon divorced due to mutual differences, the reason behind this was that Ruma wanted to become a singer but Kishore used to ask him to take care of the house. It is said that the story of these two was shown in the Amitabh-Jaya starrer film ‘Abhimaan’.

He then married Madhubala, for whom Kishore Da became a Hindu Muslim and took his name as ‘Karim Abdul’, while Kishore Kumar’s relationship with her did not last long. Kishore Kumar’s relationship with Madhubala had turned very ugly after she fell ill. Sadly, during her last days, many reports were stating that Kishore left Madhubala during her last days. However, when the actor and elder brother of Kishore Kumar, Ashok Kumar was asked about the issue, he told Filmfare, “She suffered a lot and her illness made her very bad-tempered. She often fought with Kishore, and would take off to her father’s house where she spent most of her time.”

After Madhubala’s death, Kishore Kumar found love in the arms of Yogeeta Bali, niece of Shammi Kapoor’s first wife, Geeta Bali. They tied the knot in 1976 and were granted divorce two years later in 1978.

Later, Kishore Kumar married actress, Leena Chandavarkar in 1980.