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FIFA WORLD CUP UPDATES: Argentina vs France, Argentina wins & Lionel Messi wore the title of victory

Argentina won the Qatar World Cup 2022 to lift the World Cup trophy for the third time. This is the first time in a long time that a South American country has won the title. Argentina last won the World Cup in 1986, defeating Germany to win their second title in three tournaments. That team was led by Diego Maradona, widely regarded as Argentina’s greatest ever player. Argentina have come close to winning the World Cup twice since 1986, reaching the final in 1990 and 2014. In both cases, Germany prevented Argentina from winning another championship.

Do You Know The Winning Price

A whopping $440 million has been set aside for distribution among the 32 competing teams at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Winner Argentina and runners-up France will receive the highest payouts, totaling $72 million in winnings. The grand finale of the FIFA World Cup 2022 was won by Argentina on Sunday, and they will be getting a cash prize worth $42 million. On the other hand, prize money of $30 million is set aside for the runner-up team France.

See the happy happiness on his face

Indian Prime Minister Modi congratulates Argentina

See how Macron was seen consoling Mbappe

Have A Look At Lionel Messi’s last dance on the World Cup stage

Argentina lifts the World Cup trophy for the third time

The burden of expectation must have been enormous, but Argentina wins this incredible, dramatic final with another fine penalty.

France is fully fired up!

Very good currency in France. Look how furious they are. He has pressure and energy all over the pitch now. They are most likely to finalize it in overtime.

The match goes into 30 minutes of extra time

This World Cup final went into extra time after a chaotic 20-minute final. The 90-minute period ends with France thwarting Argentina’s final attack. Don’t worry, there are still at least 30 minutes to go in this funny, thrilling, surprising, epic finale.

Turtle makes the prediction

Social media is also flooded with FIFA World Cup Final predictions by dogs, cats and fish. Several such videos are going viral on the internet in which animals have been shown making FIFA World Cup predictions in their own way. In a compilation video shared on Twitter, dogs, cats, eagles and turtles can be seen making choices for the anticipated winners of the world’s biggest football tournament.