December 9, 2023 11:21:23

Facing Criticism for 2023 WC Performance, Iyer Respond Candidly: “I Was Angry, But I Knew My Time Would Come”

Shreyas Iyer showcased a stellar performance in the 2023 World Cup semi-final, scoring a remarkable 105 off just 70 balls.

India secured a convincing 70-run victory against New Zealand, earning a spot in the 2023 World Cup final. Dominating the stage, India set a formidable target with a record-breaking 397/4 in a knockout match before dismissing the Kiwis in 48.5 overs in Mumbai. While Virat Kohli celebrated his 50th ODI century in front of Sachin Tendulkar, Shreyas Iyer’s explosive 67-ball hundred contributed significantly to India’s imposing total.

Iyer faced substantial criticism for his initial struggles in the tournament, marked by a duck in the opening match against Australia and modest scores in subsequent games. His difficulties against short-pitched deliveries raised concerns among fans and cricket pundits.

However, Iyer silenced his critics with consistent performances in the following matches. Responding to the initial criticism, he expressed his anger during a post-match interview, acknowledging that he was determined to prove himself. Iyer highlighted that despite a challenging start, he was confident that his time to shine would come, and it did, particularly in the crucial semi-final.

Having made a comeback from injury during the Asia Cup in September, Iyer faced setbacks due to back spasms before the Pakistan match. Despite missing some games, he returned strongly in the final bilateral series against Australia, where he smashed a century, setting the stage for his impactful performance in the World Cup.