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Everything you need to know about Virat Kohli’s diet!

Kohli follows a very strict diet plan which includes lot of protein and very few carbs. He starts his day with a cup of black coffee and eggs.

For lunch, he has fish or chicken with some vegetables.

And for dinner, he has soup or salad.

Kohli also snacks on fruits and nuts throughout the day.

This strict diet plan has helped Kohli stay in top form both physically and mentally. It has also allowed him to play at a high level for a long period.

What does Virat Kohli Eat In A Day?

As per reports, Captain Kohli’s daily diet is a healthy balance of leafy veggies and greens, a side of protein, antioxidant-rich drinks, coffee, and humble lentils.

For breakfast, He likes having a side of eggs, black pep pepper, and a veggie. Before he turned vegetarian, he also liked having healthy chicken and salmon to add nutrients to his everyday diet.

To add the extra kick of energy into the day, Virat also keeps nuts and seeds handy and prefers eating gluten-free bread and desserts.

To bulk up and build muscles, he also adds some form of protein for dinner. Quinoa, dosas, dals, and spinach are some of the things he loves to gorge on!

He also loves having nut butter, vegetable broths, smoothies, soya and protein shakes and prefers carrying his food when he’s traveling. Such is his dedication!