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Due to the holiday & wedding season don’t forget to take care of your pets, Tips,& Advice

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Due to the holiday & wedding season don’t forget to take care of your pets, Tips,& Advice

Leaving a pet at home

If your family decides the hustle and bustle of pet travel is too much around the holidays, there are other options that can give you peace of mind.

1. Place your pet in a kennel

Although this option can be expensive, kennels can provide excellent care. They take care of animals all year round and have the comforts of home a pet needs and some states have specific kennel laws. Research kennels online prior to dropping off your pet as there may be differences in prices and availability, and here are 11 questions to ask when picking a kennel. Just be warned: they tend to book up fast around the holidays.

2. Hire a pet sitter

Pet sitters can be a great alternative to kennel care (and often a cheaper option). Some pet sitters will watch your pet at their residence, and others can come by your house if your pet is more comfortable at home. Typically, pet sitters will stay with your pet for the majority of the day or will check in on them frequently. An experienced pet sitter will watch your dog or cat, keep up on training, take your dog for walks and be a friendly, loving face while you are away.

3. Hire a dog walker

A dog walker coming by twice a day to take your dog on walks while your family is away is often the cheapest option. This could be the least expensive option if you are only going away for a short time, your pet is comfortable being alone and only needs a few breaks a day to run and play.

Traveling with pets by plane

Before you go to the airport, make sure you and your pet are ready for travel. Check with the airline. It’s so important to know what is allowed and what isn’t so you aren’t surprised when you arrive.

1. Booking your tickets

  • Research restrictions. Some breeds are restricted and cannot be checked. Most of the restricted breeds are short-nosed dog breeds (such as the American Bulldog, Pug, King Charles Spaniel, etc). Refer to your airline to make sure your pet is allowed to be checked. If the breed is restricted, you must carry on your pet.
  • Book early. A limited number of animals are allowed on each flight so to ensure your pet is accommodated, book your reservation early.
  • Find your flight. Go online and look at the flights you wish to take to your destination and decide what days you want to travel.

2. Carrying on your pet

Know the rules. Carry-on pets are not allowed on transatlantic flights, pets cannot come out of their carrier, and only one animal is allowed per customer.

Travel light. Your pet carrier will count as your one personal carry-on item. Use a pet carrier with side pockets. Store all necessary items in the side pockets and check all other baggage.

3. Checking your pets

Go inside. Pets must be checked at the ticket counter. Pets cannot be checked with curbside services or at the Self-Service kiosks.

What to bring

Required vaccinations and documentation for each destination you are flying to (only if you are flying internationally).

  • Pet’s license and identification tags.
  • Favorite toys to give them a sense of home!
  • Blanket/comfortable bed.
  • Leash.
  • Things your pet will need in the travel destination.
  • Snacks and treats.
  • Puppy pads (just in case).