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Diwali 2022: Mandir Decoration ideas to make your Diwali more special!

India has been known as the country of festivals for centuries because it has been the custom of India to celebrate every celebration in full spirit and great enthusiasm. After the worship of Navaratri and the burning of Raavana, everyone starts preparing for Diwali. We begin this auspicious occasion by buying Diwali gifts and sweets for our loved ones. Apart from this, we also started decorating the house by lighting lanterns, flowers, and rangolis. Every individual wishes to make the most of this festival while cleaning and decorating their homes beautifully. Today we will give you some special tips that can enhance the look of your house in the best way.

Let’s Give the wall a new look

Main Door Decoration

Light up your house

Colorful Bottles

Decorate your Puja Mandir