February 21, 2024 11:58:41 booked.net

Distinctly Bengaluru: Cab Driver Launches His App to Compete With Ola and Uber

Bengaluru, India’s hub of startups, has recently become the focal point for various online anecdotes highlighting distinctive events that could only unfold in the city. Numerous tales of “peak Bengaluru” moments, a term used to describe noteworthy occurrences in India’s IT capital, abound on the internet. A recent post by a user known as The Bengaluru Man revealed that a cab driver has entered the ride-sharing app market to challenge industry giants Uber and Ola.

According to the user’s post on X (formerly Twitter), Mr. Lokesh, an Uber cab driver, shared the news that he has launched his own app, already attracting over 600 drivers. Additionally, the post mentions the recent launch of the iOS version, making the app accessible to Apple users. The accompanying pamphlet provides the company’s website, customer service number, and email, indicating a concerted effort in customer support.

Since its posting, the tweet has garnered over 46,000 views on the microblogging platform. The Bengaluru Guy shared the backstory, mentioning that Lokesh, an enterprising taxi driver, previously offered the user a ride from the airport and encouraged them to call him for future rides. The interaction left a positive impression, sparking curiosity about whether it is the same Lokesh who launched the app.

Users expressed enthusiasm for this entrepreneurial endeavor, with one remarking, “This is real entrepreneurship. I hope it does well.” Another user emphasized the inclusive nature of entrepreneurship, stating, “Everyone can be an entrepreneur!! Everyone has many ideas to do, but not everyone starts them and makes some progress.” A comment on the sizable fleet of 600 cabs noted its significance in the context of Bengaluru’s weekly two-wheeler registrations.