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Discover The Unique Kashmiri Culture And Traditions


Kashmir has some mouth-watering cuisine in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The popular dishes of meat are Kashmiri Kebag, Rogan Josh, Yakhni, Pasanda, Syun Alu, and Methi Keema. All non-vegetarian lovers will have a lot to choose from. Some of the famous vegetarian dishes include Hak, Rajmah, Zarda, Turkish, Shree Pulao, Nadeir Yakhaen, and Lady Tsaman. These dishes are prepared with fresh vegetables with paneer to give an interesting taste to the cuisine.

If you are a dessert lover then you must try sevaiyaan, phirni, and barfi among others which would make you fall in love with these sweets. Guest in Kashmir is welcomed with hot sheer tea and Kahwah which you have never tasted before. Kashmiri Pulao is also a famous dish worldwide which is prepared in almost every home at regular intervals. A large number of Kashmiri people also love hak or Karam sag which is mostly made during winter to keep themselves protected from chilled weather.


The costume of the Kashmiri people is very colorful and attractive. The majority of people wear traditional costumes and women attire themselves with gorgeous jewelry like nose rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces, and lose salwar kameez which make them comfortable during the hot season. Whereas, men dress in kurta pajamas, shalwars, durable, and skullcaps. Pheran is a kind of overcoat worn by Kashmiri people during winter which is decorated with colorful patches and embroidery work.

Most of the costumes of Kashmiri people are lose gowns and it just varies in the quality of the fabric is according to the weather. Most of the men wear headgear and women wear a skullcap. Most of the women cover their heads and shoulders from strangers and elders as a matter of respect. The Kashmiri costume truly indicates their culture and lifestyle. It also shows that India is still following their cultural values.

Festivals and Observances

A large number of festivals are celebrated by Kashmiri people with full joy and enthusiasm. Besides a panoramic view of the landscape, J & K is a home to rich cultural heritage and it is easily reflected by the festival celebration by the Kashmiri people. Some of the popular festivals are Baishakhi, Lohri, Eid~ul~Fitr, Hemis festival, Tulip Festival, Shikara Festival, Gurez Festival, Sindu Darshan, and Domoche. A large number of people gather during the festive season and enjoy these auspicious days with lots of enthusiasm.

Traditional dance, participation in painting, multi-cuisine, and shops of handicrafts are an integral part of these festivals. Numerous fairs like Bahu Mela, Jhiri Mela, and Craft Mela are also organized on some auspicious days where Kashmiri Culture is highlighted by those people. Kashmir is one of the best places where you can see rich heritage and culture along with its beauty.


Kashmir is a popular place for its beautiful and unique Handicraft. The Pashmina Shawl is famous worldwide for its quality and fabric. Almost every woman loves and desires the Pashmina Shawl as it symbolizes royalty. The design and embroidery work on the shawl is breathtaking also, the warmth and softness that it offers are completely matchless. Kashmir is also famous for its hand-knotted carpets and woolen rugs having floral designs.

On the other hand, basketry, paper mache, wooden carving furniture made of walnut wood, and silverware are one of the best handicrafts offered by Kashmiri people. As Kashmir is one of the best attractions for tourists, the handicraft industry is getting expanded by the government.