February 21, 2024 10:52:29 booked.net

Dillon Danis shares disturbing information about YouTuber Logan the Maverick Paul in a user’s private DM

While legal disputes cast uncertainty on their planned bout, Dillon Danis makes alarming accusations against Logan Paul that cause uproar.
As the Logan Paul-Dillon Danis fight approaches, Bellator athlete Dillon Danis backs off from calling Logan Paul “Nina Agdal” and has instead found a temper tantrum to hurl at the YouTuber.

Dillon posted a screenshot of an Instagram message from a person by the name of Chris Stryker in a tweet. The communication revealed some alarming information regarding the Paul brothers. The post emphasised Logan’s reputation as a “sh*t talker,” and it also mentioned some upsetting details about the YouTuber’s time in high school.

“Yo it’s absolutely hilarious how much sh*t Roid Paul talks while having his replies shut off lmao,” the user wrote in a message.

The letter discussed Logan’s childhood fantasies of incest and ckholds and subsequently emphasised how the Paul family as a whole is just peculiarly abnormal in that sense. “I had a cousin who went to high school with him and his brother, and she told me about how they were into weird ass taboo incest sht at parties they’d go to. And Logan himself had a major cckhld fetish back then and would brag about letting his brother bang his high school girlfriend in front of him while he jrks off to it,” the user wrote. Man, that family as a whole is fckin odd.

The screenshot demonstrated that it was still a request, and Dillon neither acknowledged the message nor had any other relationship to the individual who would have been the source of any untrue information.

After Logan’s most recent accusation against Dillon, in which he claimed the press conference was staged and Dillon had specifically asked Dazn for what details they should leave out to make him look bad, the feud does appear to be heating up.

Logan also said in the video that he will soon be publishing the press conference’s original clip.

The latest lawsuit brought by Logan’s fiancée Nina has not prevented the fight from happening, despite the excellent buildup to the Paul-Danis, and people continue to wonder if it will still happen.

When asked if he will continue to defend the lawsuits being brought against him on a recent stream hosted by Adin Ross, Dillon Danis, and Andrew Tate, Dillon responded, “We’re supposed to, absolutely, but what’s the point of this? Every every day, a lawsuit is filed. I have to sign a tonne of papers before I can go train in the gym. I’m now constantly getting swatted. Even if it’s a simple battle, I don’t mind.