February 22, 2024 12:29:21 booked.net

Death of Parasite Actor Lee Sun Kyun in Car Amid Drug Case Investigation

Warning: Mention of possible suicide

South Korean actor Lee Sun Kyun, known for his roles in films like Parasite, Sleep, Coffee Prince, and A Hard Day, has been found dead in a parked car amid an ongoing drug case investigation. According to South Korean authorities, an unconscious individual was discovered in a parked car in Waryong Park after an emergency call from a woman expressing concerns about her husband’s possible suicidal intentions.

Lee Sun Kyun, facing public scrutiny in connection with a drug case, withdrew from several upcoming projects. On the morning of December 27, following a mysterious phone call, the police confirmed the individual’s identity as Lee Sun Kyun. Additional evidence, such as burning charcoal briquettes in his car, pointed towards suicide. Since October, Lee Sun Kyun has been under police investigation for alleged drug use.

According to a police official, the 48-year-old actor left either a suicide note or a ‘will’ for his wife. The authorities received a call at night from a woman stating, “My husband had left the house after writing a note that resembles a will.”

In the drug case, which has implicated several industry A-listers, including BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Lee Sun Kyun faced uncertainty. Despite undergoing police investigations three times, he sought a lie detector test on the 26th. Notably, a detailed analysis by the National Institute of Forensic Science, following a reagent test, confirmed the absence of drugs in Lee Sun Kyun’s case.