February 22, 2024 12:40:53 booked.net

Criticism Mounts Against Emily Ratajkowski’s Controversial Photoshoot

Social media is abuzz with criticism aimed at Emily Ratajkowski following a photo shoot that fans argue mocks plus-size fashion. The 32-year-old model shared images from the shoot for French magazine Le Monde on her Instagram, sparking particular backlash for one specific photo.

Photographed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, the second picture in the series features Emily standing in one leg of a pair of jeans, holding the waistband to the side, emphasizing a notable size difference. This image has raised eyebrows and elicited strong reactions from followers who found it contradictory to Emily’s previous discussions about body image challenges within the modeling industry.

Fans expressed their surprise and disappointment in the comment section, with one remarking, “What a strange second photo. And you wrote a book about body image? Mm!” Another user criticized the fashion industry, stating, “Designers won’t make plus sizes unless it’s for a photo opp where a thin person can be quirky.” The overall sentiment was one of confusion and disapproval for the creative choices made during the photoshoot.

The backlash also included comments questioning the purpose of the second photo and expressing disbelief that such imagery was considered acceptable. Some users pointed out the apparent incongruity between Emily’s advocacy for body image and the controversial nature of the photos, labeling the second picture as “out of touch” and “ignorant.”

While some comments mocked Emily for her physique, others praised her followers for understanding the problematic nature of the photos. The controversy has fueled a larger conversation about the portrayal of body image in the modeling industry, with users expressing their discontent with the perceived insensitivity of the shoot, particularly in the year 2023.

The criticism directed at Emily Ratajkowski highlights the ongoing scrutiny of the fashion industry’s representation standards and the responsibility of influencers to align their actions with the values they advocate.