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Color Blindness: Children Are Unable To Differentiate Between Red And Green, Know Symptoms And Treatment!

Color Blindness In Children

Color blindness also happens to children. In these ways, you can find out whether the child has color blindness or not. Let’s know the symptoms and causes

Apart from giving a new direction to our life, colors also fill us with energy and joy. What if you can’t recognize colors? Have you ever faced a situation when you have good eyesight but you are not able to distinguish colors properly or have difficulty differentiating between colors? If yes, then it is called color blindness. What is color blindness?

This is a condition when a person has difficulty differentiating between colors. This does not happen with every color. Rather, there is difficulty in differentiating between certain colors. If red, yellow, green, and blue colors are kept together in front of a person who has color blindness, then the patient does not understand which colors are here. Color blindness symptoms in children are often seen in young children after the age of 5 years. Parents feel that children are not able to differentiate between colors intentionally, whereas this does not happen.

Today we are telling you the symptoms, and causes of color blindness, and how to check color blindness in children. If we talk about treatment then there is no cure for color blindness. Although there are some such therapies or contact lenses etc. which are used by doctors.

Color Blindness Symptoms In Children

  • Not recognizing colors or refusing to go there if any activity related to colors is happening
  • Blurred vision or pain when looking at bright colors (red, pink, brown, orange, dark blue, purple, etc.)
  • Coloring a painting with the wrong colors, such as coloring clouds yellow instead of blue or trees red instead of green to tax
  • Difficulty reading a colored sheet
  • Burning eyes or headache when looking at objects on a green or red background
  • A child having trouble telling red and green in crayon or pencil color

Why Do Children Have Color Blindness?

Absence of cone cells. What are cone sales? Cone cells present in our eyes recognize different colors like red, blue, and green and differentiate between them. These cells can differentiate between different colors and then the message of what is the correct color goes to the brain. M normal child has 3 cone cells in his eye. But if a child has color blindness, then only two cone cells are left in his eyes.

This disease can happen to the child through parents or genes.

Even if the child has had eye surgery at a young age, there is a possibility of color blindness.

How To Test Color Blindness In Children?

  • Make a painting on a sheet and fill it with lots of colors. Then playfully ask the children to name the colors.
  • Make 4-5 boxes on paper and then tell the children that today you are going to play a fun game with them. Then tell the children the name of the color and ask them to fill it. By this, you will know whether the child is not picking up the blue color when called red.
  • Place 7-8 colored pencils in front of the children and then ask them to name their colors.