December 5, 2023 01:43:01

*Breaking News*: Abdu’s Rival ‘Hasbulla Magomedov’ Gets wild card entry in Bigg-Boss16 House?

We all agree on the fact that the biggest reality show Bigg Boss creates too much curiosity among viewers every year. As Bigg Boss 16 is already aired and serving us with a lot of in-house drama, conflicts, catfights, and whatnot. Every single contestant of Bigg Boss16 is now leaving not a single chance to entertain viewers. In just the second week, we have seen that contestants are a bit straightforward, opinionated, and taking stands here and there.

Of course, the contestant’s journey seems incomplete without endless fights, drama, and arguments. This time Archana Gautam is stealing the thunder with her unusual voice tone, witty behavior, and taking no-nonsense attitude in the house. At the moment, she had the most fights with the other contestants and created a mess in everyone’s life.

However, among all these contestants one member of the Bigg Boss house is also being not only loved but also appreciated by fans. Yes, you guessed it right. His name is ‘Abdu Rozik’. He is the only cutest contestant that is stealing many hearts with his innocent smile, adorable voice, and childish-like behavior.

As per the latest sources, Abdu Rozik’s rival Hasbulla Magomedov has been offered to join the show as well. But there is no official confirmation or announcement from the makers yet. Speculations are spreading across social media that he might enter the Bigg Boss 16 house soon as a wild card entry.

Now, It will be interesting to see how Abdu will react when he sees his rival Hasbulla in the same house.

Would you like to see Hasbulla as the wild card entry or not?

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