May 30, 2024 03:29:15

Brain freeze: What is brain freeze and what are its measures?

Why does the head suddenly burst after eating cold things, these signs are found before the brain freezes, be alert before eating and do these measures.

Sudden exposure of the brain to cold temperatures causes brain freeze. This problem can occur not only with ice cream but also with the sudden consumption of cold drinks or other cold substances.

Who does not like Ice Cream? People like to eat it in every season, but this ice cream can also prove to be dangerous for many people. A spoonful of ice cream can freeze the brain, especially when eating it non-stop. Sudden exposure of the brain to cold temperatures causes brain freeze. Due to this sudden sharp pain is felt in the forehead. This pain becomes somewhat more severe than a normal headache.

This problem can be caused not only by ice cream but also by the sudden consumption of cold drinks or other cold substances. By consuming such cold foods, the carotid artery (the main blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood to the brain) rapidly changes the temperature at the back of the throat. Due to this, the brain suddenly stops blood circulation and severe pain arises.

The brain is not prepared for any change at all. In such a situation, the brain stops working due to the consumption of too much cold substance. This condition is called brain freeze. Doctors say that if you feel brain freeze after eating ice and ice cream, then drinking ice cold water can also cause such a problem. Cold water cools many sensitive nerves of the spinal cord, as a result of which these nerves immediately send messages to the brain. Due to this headache starts.

On eating or drinking any cold thing, it first hits the back of the mouth or throat. This area is very sensitive to temperature. The very cold substance stimulates the blood vessels and nerves by hitting them. This increases blood circulation. Due to increased blood circulation, this blood moves through the blood vessels located behind the eyes and between the brain, due to which the brain freezes. If the blood circulation in the head stops, then severe pain is detected.

The pain of brain freeze is temporary, so it does not need special treatment. Also, it can be easily avoided. It is better to consume ice or any cold foods and drinks slowly. Also keep in mind that while consuming cold foods, keep them away from your upper palate.

To avoid brain freeze, you can take the help of your tongue to keep the temperature of the mouth right. While eating cold, eat it by melting it with the tongue. By doing this, the temperature of those things goes in the tongue. It does not affect the brain, because by then the temperature has become somewhat normal. Take care of cold and hot too. If you have eaten hot things, then do not eat cold things immediately, because it will affect blood circulation.