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Boxing Day & Boxing Day test: What Is The History Of The ‘Boxing Day ‘, Is Boxing A Place Of Cricket On This Day?

Servants are given gifts on 26 December instead of working on Christmas Day, and they are also given a day off to spend time with family. That’s why it is called Boxing Day.

On hearing the name ‘Boxing Day’, if you are thinking that boxing is being talked about here, then you are thinking wrong. You will be surprised to know that there is no meaning to Boxing Day Boxing. The day after Christmas (25 December) is known as Boxing Day in many parts of the world. In the cricket world, Australia starts the Test match on this day every year and it is called the ‘Boxing Day Test’. Australia plays Test matches on this day only in Melbourne.

What Is A Boxing Day?

The next day of Christmas i.e. 26th December is called Boxing Day. The box(es) are traditionally opened in the church on this day, another reason is that servants are given gifts on 26 December in return for working on Christmas Day and they are also allowed to spend time with family. The holiday is given on this day to spend time. That’s why it is called Boxing Day.

Boxing Day Is Also Known As Stephen’s Day.

In the liturgical calendar of Western Christianity, Boxing Day is the second day after Christmas Day and is also called St. Stephen’s Day. It is celebrated as Saint Stephen’s Day in Ireland and Spain’s Catalonia.

Know How Boxing Day Got Its Name

The Oxford English Dictionary links this day to the year 1830 and Britain, which states that it is the first day of the week after Christmas Day. It is a holiday, in which people working in different places get a Christmas box. Because of the tradition of this box, the name Boxing Day has been made.

History Of The Boxing Day Test

The Boxing Day Test match started in 1950. Although it was not played every year. The Test match was the first boxing match between Australia and England in which Australia won. In 1952, South Africa played its first Boxing Day Test match against Australia. South Africa won this match. Then in 1968, the Boxing Day Test match was played. 1980 became the year when the tradition of playing it every year started. Since then the teams of Australia, England, and South Africa have been playing Boxing Day Test matches continuously. Team India also becomes a part of the Boxing Day Test now and then.