February 21, 2024 11:56:21 booked.net

Bobby Deol discusses Aryaman Deol Bollywood debut and says both of his boys will be in motion pictures in the next three to four years!

Bobby Deol has shared insights into the potential Bollywood careers of his sons, Aryaman and Dharam Deol, and disclosed their expected entry into the film industry in the next 3–4 years. Speaking in an interview with India Today, Bobby addressed Aryaman’s appearance at the Gadar 2 success party and his involvement in paparazzi videos during Animal promotions. While expressing his desire for Aryaman to undergo training and personal development before entering the industry, Bobby acknowledged Dharam’s passion for filmmaking.

Bobby Deol, along with his wife Tanya Deol, spoke about his sons’ future in the entertainment industry, stating, “There’s no business like show business, and my sons will come into this industry, but they’re too young right now, especially my older one, who is just 22 years old, and the younger one, who is 19 years old, so another 3–4 years they will enter the industry.”

When questioned about launching his sons, akin to Sunny Deol introducing Karan Deol in Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas (2019), Bobby indicated that he currently has no such plans. He emphasized Aryaman’s academic achievements, having recently graduated from NYU Stern with honors, and underscored his son’s dedication to his endeavors. Reflecting on Dharam’s affinity for filmmaking, Bobby expressed pride in his youngest son’s independent filmmaking pursuits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bobby Deol, known for his notable career in films such as Barsaat (1995), Gupt (1997), Soldier (1998), and more recently, Animal, refrained from making concrete predictions about his sons’ futures. Instead, he emphasized their unique qualities and aspirations, stating, “Every child is especially special, so let’s see what the future holds for them. I mean, I can’t predict anything. I just want them to be happy and successful.”

With Bobby Deol’s latest film, Animal, achieving considerable success at the box office, collecting over ₹361 crore nett in India since its December 1 release, the actor remains an influential figure in the film industry.