December 6, 2023 06:18:35

Bigg Boss16: Find out That what is happening in Bigg Boss house

Every season of Bigg Boss serves the audience with full-on masala, entertainment, and of course and love connections between the contestants. In previous seasons, we have seen many contestants like Tejasswi Prakash-Karan Kundrra, Aly Goni-Jasmin Bhasin, and Eijaz Khan-Pavitra Punia have found love inside Bigg Boss’ house.

Salman khan is back

As we all have seen in Saturday’s episode of Bigg boss16 Salman Khan, who decided to return to host Bigg Boss 16 after a week’s absence, ended up giving the contestants some reality checks. While he grilled a few of them for making mistakes in the game, more were chastised by the host because of being inactive on the show.

Last week, the 56-year-old was unable to shoot for the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes of the show after he was diagnosed with dengue.

On the show, he will be seen taking a class of a couple of housemates’ classes very irresponsibly. He will ask others who they believe require guardians inside the house to engage in the game. Everybody will go by the names Sumbul Touqeer and Ankit Gupta. He informs Priyanka Chahar Choudhary that Ankit Gupta is a major contender. He inquires whether we are required to perform sonography for the same purpose. Sumbul Touqeer and Ankit Gupta will be separated from the rest, much like teachers do with misbehaving students.

#WeSupportYou, Ankit Gupta

After all this drama we saw a quiet following of TV actor ‘Ankit Gupta’ Viewers have been frustrated because Ankit Gupta was so enjoyable to watch in the hostel task. He was successful in making everyone smile and giggle. He’s also been vocal this week. On Weekend Ka Vaar, the makers also made fun of Sumbul Touqeer. Ankit Gupta fans are furious at the producers and host.

Fans are rallying behind Ankit, with the hashtag “ANKIT GUPTA HIT HAI” going viral. Fans are praising Ankit for his likable personality. A fan tweeted, “Love you Ankit Forever, may the best things happen to you that you have always wanted and wished for Our love for you is as honest and true as you are as a loving person.” Hum party lene aa jayenge ghar pe, BB ki trophy jeet ki hi anaa. HAI ANKIT GUPTA.”

#Shalin Bhanot

As we keep seeing that, there is a great fight between the contestants of Bigg Boss over one thing or the other, the contestants of Bigg Boss do not leave a chance to entertain their audience and this is the reason why Big Boss Each season of Boss is full of explosions as much as its contestants are also banged up.

           And we get to see Maha Sangram very well not only in the contestants of Bigg Boss but also among his fans outside the Bigg Boss house. To support their favorite contestants on social media, fans leave no stone unturned in posting tweets for them fiercely.

Bigg Boss house is not only famous for fighting high voltage drama but also for the couples formed inside the house as it is for the rest of their adventures. In this season, again many pairs are seen forming and breaking in it and are showing.

As we talk first of all, Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and Ankit Gupta’s pair is very much liked by the fans, the same love chemistry fans were also seen to be formed between Shaleen Bhanot and Tina Dutta, but this pair could not last much when Shaleen A statement came out in which he said that Tina is his only friend. After this, there was a full stop to their love story.

But there is still a fight between the fans about these two pairs, whose address is clearly visible by looking at their tweets….