April 14, 2024 04:18:07 booked.net

Bigg Boss 16 Updates: Shocking Eviction of Abdu Rozik and the actual reason for his Exit

Bigg Boss 16 will get a little extra emotional on Saturday’s episode. In a new promo shared on Instagram, contestants got very emotional as Bigg Boss asked Abdu Rozik to come out of the house. All of them were teary-eyed and gave hugs to Abdu in the house. Abdu’s elimination came as a shock to everyone as he broke down and bid a final goodbye to the inmates.

Colors TV shared the promo on their social media handle with the caption, “Abdu ko kehna padh raha hai gharwalo ko alvida, kya aapko bhi unki bidaayi ko dekh kar lagg raha hai bura (face emoji with tears in eyes) (Abdu has to say to goodbye to the housemates, are you also feeling bad after his elimination from the house).”

The Actual Reason For Abdu’s Eviction

Where the Voting lines for the week were closed in Bigg Boss house on the occasion of Christmas. However, Bigg Boss made an announcement that shocked everyone. The announcement confirmed that Abdu’s management team has urged them to grant him a few days outside the show as he has received a ‘life-changing’ opportunity from an international agency.

The announcement which said that an international team wants to make a video game on Abdu and wants to track his live moments and hence he needs to exit the show shocked everyone. The news left his friends Shiv Thakare, Sajid Khan, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, and MC Stan teary-eyed. However, everyone hugged him and wished him the best. Bigg Boss further said that Abdu will be able to make a return and join as a contestant only if the housemates agree.

The Emotional Moment In Bigg Boss House

Abdu then hugged his friends and made an exit from the show. Nimrit, Shiv, Sajid and MC Stan who are the closest to Abdu got teary-eyed and expressed how much they are missing him. They expected him to return as soon as possible.

The episode even highlighted Nimrit’s birthday celebration where Sajid made Sumbul write “I love Tatti” on Abdu’s bare body as a birthday surprise for Nimrit. Salman khan schooled the contestants for their ‘disrespectful’ act and revealed that the audience didn’t quite like it. Sajid apologized to the fans and Abdu’s family with folded hands.