December 11, 2023 04:41:31

Bhupen Hazarika: Wrote Songs For Two Films At The Age Of Just 12, Got The Inspiration For Singing From Mother!

Born in Assam, Bhupen Hazarika brought laurels to the entire country as a musician. He passed away in the year 2011. Let’s know some unheard things about Bhupen Hazarika…

Bhupen Hazarika was a veteran of the music industry from Assamese to Hindi cinema, who not only composed music for hundreds of films but also spread the magic of his voice in many songs. He was also honored with many prestigious awards for his wonderful contribution to the world of music. On November 5, 2011, the music world lost this precious gem, but with his excellent compositions, he is still alive in the hearts of people. Know some special things about the life of Bhupen Hazarika and his contribution to music.

He Got the Inspiration Of Singing From Mother

Born in Assam, Bhupen was the eldest of ten siblings. Bhupen Hazarika, who made his best contribution to music, got the inspiration to sing from his mother and perhaps this was the reason why he started his career at the age of just 10, at that time he used to sing songs in the Assamese language. Bhupne Hazarika, a versatile genius, had written and recorded songs for two films at the age of just 12. Both those songs were filmed in two movies – Indramalati: Kaxot Kolosi Loi and Biswo Bijoi Naujawan.

Bhupen Hazarika completed his studies up to Intermediate in the year 1942 and did his further studies at Banaras Hindu University. This was followed by a Ph.D. degree from Columbia University in 1952. After completing his studies, Bhupen Hazarika started singing on All India Radio in Guwahati. Bhupen Hazarika not only gave his voice to songs in his career but also wrote about a thousand songs and 15 books.

Bhupen Hazarika knew many languages, he used to give his voice by translating Bengali songs into Hindi. Bhupen Hazarika made music his partner after separating from his first wife. He gave songs in super hit movies like ‘Mil Gayi Manzil Mujhe’, ‘Rudali’, ‘Saaj’, ‘Darmiyan’, and ‘Gajgamini’.

He Was Honored With These Awards

For his outstanding contribution to the field of music, Bhupen Hazarika was given the National Award in 1975, the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1992, and the highest award in the world of cinema. Apart from this, he was also honored with Asom Ratna and Padma Bhushan. Bhupen Hazarika was also awarded the Bharat Ratna in the year 2019 posthumously by the government.