December 11, 2023 06:05:05

Bhai Dooj 2022: Why Bhai Dooj festival is celebrated? Find out the story behind it and the rituals!

Today on Bhai Dooj, women pray and wish their for their brothers long life by putting tilak on their foreheads. On this day brothers go to their sister’s house for tilak. Brothers give gifts to their sisters promising to protect them. The religious belief behind celebrating Bhai Dooj is that Yamraj also took a note from his sister Yamuna on this date. After taking notes to sisters by brothers, gifts are given as far as possible and food is taken from the hands of sisters.

The full story!

The name of Lord Surya Narayan’s wife was Chhaya. Yamraj and Yamuna were her children. Yamuna loved her brother Yamraj so much. She even use to request him to come to her house and have food with his favourite friends. Yamraj, who was busy with his work, kept postponing her invitation. The day of Kartik Shukla has come. Yamuna again invited Yamraj to her house for food that day and he promised her that he will come to her home.Yamraj thought that I am going to lose my life as nobody wants to invite me to their home. I must follow the goodwill with which my sister is calling me. While coming to his sister’s house, Yamraj freed the living beings who lived in hell. Yamuna’s happiness knew no bounds when she saw Yamraj coming to her home. She took a bath after worshiping and served food to him. Yamraj, pleased with the hospitality extended by the Yamuna, ordered the sister to ask for a boon.Yamuna said that Bhadra! You come to my house on this day every year. Like me, the sister who treats her brother with respect on this day should not be afraid of you. Yamraj gave this most precious boon to his beloved sister Yamuna by saying ‘Tathastu’ and made the way to Yamaoka. From this day onwards the tradition of the festival was formed. It is believed that those who accept hospitality do not fear Yama. That is why Yamraj and Yamuna are worshiped by Bhaiya Dooj.

Worship method (Bhai Dooj Puja vidhi)

Get up in the morning and get ready after taking a bath. First of all, both sisters and brothers together worship Yama, Chitragupta, and Yama’s messengers and offer Arghya to everyone. After this, the sister puts tilak on her brother’s forehead with ghee and rice. Then, on the palm of the brother, she also keeps vermilion, betel nut, and dry coconut. Then Kalawa is tied to the hand of the brother and his mouth is sweetened. After this, the sister prays for her brother’s long life. Brother gives gifts to his sister.