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BEST PLACES to visit IN ‘INDONESIA’ along with your family!

  1. Bali

Undoubtedly the all-time favorite tourist destination Bali is overrated due to its beauty. This island located on the east of Java and west of Lombok is home to breathtaking Southeast Asian coasts, coral reefs, vast rice paddies, volcanic sites and iconic-instagrammable Hindu temples.
Travelling to Bali is relatively cheap compared to other Indonesian Islands because there’s a range of costs when it comes to accommodation, food and even souvenir vendors. Kuta – the beachside city, is famous amongst party goers for its endless nightlife, while Ubud in the midlands attracts a much laid-back crowd.

  1. Jakarta

The Capital City of Indonesia, Jakarta, is located in the Northeast of the Java Islands. Jakarta is much more urbanized compared to its neighbouring resort islands including Bali. Although it’s widely known for commercial dealings, Jakarta offers some amazing experiences for travellers. Especially its diverse culture and food.

Here in Jakarta, there’s a mix of Javanese, Chinese, and Arabic ethnicities living together. So you can imagine how expressive and flavourful the food is. That’s not all. It’s famous as Southeast Asia’s cheapest shopping destination with the massive city sprawling with mega malls and mass-scale manufacturers.

  1. Raja Ampat Islands

This destination is one of the most uncommon tourist attractions in Indonesia. The Raja Ampat Islands are located on the northwest tip of New Guinea Island. It’s widely admired for its coral reefs, secluded jungle mountains, local villages and pristine beaches.

Those who are in search of a vacation spot to relax must consider Raja Ampat Archipelago as most of these islands are less visited by tourists. However compared to Bali, spending a vacation in one of these islands may not be that cheap.

  1. Gili Islands

Located close to Lombok Island, the Gili Islands of Indonesia comprise three tiny islets called Trawangan, Meno and Air. Travellers wanting to relax under a Maldivian sun, at the same time desire the Southeast Asian Tropical vibes must visit Gili.

Trawangan Island is home to stunning beaches and is known amongst party people for its feisty nightlife, and scuba diving. Gili Meno is a famous honeymoon destination surrounded by crystal clear waters and white coasts.

  1. Mount Rinjani

Located on the island of Lombok, Mount Rinjani is an active volcano and the second largest in the whole of Indonesia. Standing tall at 3,726 meters, the climb up the mountain is not an easy task. It wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea either. If you’re a passionate trekker with physical strength and willingness, Mount Rinjani would be for you.

It takes approximately four days to reach the summit. Those who have visited this magnificent site believe it’s one of the best places to visit in Indonesia for adventure lovers.