May 30, 2024 03:31:09

Here’s A List Of The Best Movies Of Atlas Ramachandran!

  • Vaisali in 1988 as a Producer

Princess of a country long suffering from drought should please a saint living in distant hills to bring rain.

  • Vasthuhara in 1991 as a Producer

The story is told through the eyes of Venu, a Malayali government officer send for a mission in Calcutta to rehabilitate refugees in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  • Dhanam in 1991 as a Producer

A debt-ridden man’s plan of turning in a group of smugglers for a monetary reward goes awry as they pursue him in revenge.

  • Sukrutham in 1994 as a Producer

Ravishankar, a journalist suffering from blood cancer, falls into depression and loses all hopes of living. However, his life changes for the better when he meets a doctor friend.

  • Holidays in 2010 as a Director

The film is about a few IT professionals, the story involves a bunch of youngsters who arrive at Kochi and get entangled in a web of problems.

  • Youth Festival in 2004 as an Actor

Arjun and Shivan have a liking for Parvathy, their classmate. A fight breaks out between them over the girl, and to avoid further complications, Arjun’s father sends him to Kodaikanal.

  • Anandabhairavi in 2007 as an Actor

Jayaraj’s Anandabhairavi depicts the life of Vasudeva Panicker, a Kathakali artist, and his son. Sai Kumar plays the role of Panikker and Master Devan is his son Appu. Sai Kumar won the Kerala State Film Award for the second best actor, for his performance in this movie.

  • Arabikkatha in 2007  as an Actor

Mukundan, a hardcore communist exposes the atrocities of Karunan, a politician. But, society shuns him for his anachronistic views.

  • Subhadram in 2007   as an Actor

Manu forms a deep connection with a sculpture in his college. However, he later realizes that the sculpture bears a striking resemblance to a mysterious girl named Subhadra.

  • Malabar Wedding in 2008 as an Actor

Maanukkuttan and Smitha lead a happy life after getting married to each other. But their marital life is put at stake due to their friends playing pranks on them.