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Ashok Kumar’s Death Anniversary: Apart From Acting, Dada Muni Was Very Fond of paintings and Made a Nude Painting of His Wife!

Ashok Kumar, an expert in the world of acting, ruled Indian cinema till the 3rd decade. Everyone was crazy about his acting and he is remembered even today. He was born on 13 October 1911 and said goodbye to the world on today’s day 10 December 2021.

Ashok Kumar may not be among us today but it is still impossible to forget his performance. Let me tell you, he became so famous in Bollywood that he came to be known as Dada Muni in the industry.

The Early Life Of Dada Muni

The Early Life Of Dada Muni

Today we are going to talk about a superstar of the early days of Indian cinema. In the early days of Indian cinema, when talkies were introduced, the acting used to have a theatrical touch because of the influence of Parsi theatre, due to which there was a lot of emphasis on dialogue delivery at that time. But in such a time, actor Ashok Kumar changed the definition of acting by acting naturally.

In that period, Dada muni emerged as an artist whose acting was natural and commendable. Just because of his simple and natural acting he settled in the hearts of the people.

Movie career

Ashok kumar in moveis

Actor Ashok Kumar has been the biggest superstar of his time, he came into the industry before the top actors like Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, and Shammi Kapoor. He had worked in more than 275 films in his film career. Although Ashok Kumar dreamed of working in the film industry since childhood, he wanted to work as a technician and not as an actor as the acting was considered a dirty profession at that time.

His Painting Skills

Ashok kumar wife's painting

Ashok Kumar was not only an actor but also a great painter and was especially fond of making nude paintings. He also made nude paintings of his wife, apart from this he also made many other types of nude and other paintings. After his departure, his daughter also organized an exhibition of these paintings. Apart from paintings, Ashok Kumar also had good knowledge of homeopathy and used to practice it.