December 11, 2023 05:55:23

Armed Forces Flag Day 2022: All You Need To Know About History, Significance & Reason Behind the celebration!

Armed Forces Flag Day 2022: History

The Defense Minister’s Committee on August 28, 1949, created the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund. In 1993, the Defense Ministry of India amalgamated all relevant welfare funds, including funds for war victims, the Kendriya Sainik Board Fund, the ex-welfare servicemen’s fund, and other units, to establish the Armed Forces Flag Day fund.

Why is Armed Forces Flag Day celebrated?

Every year on December 7, India commemorates Armed Forces Flag Day in order to raise donations for the welfare of the Armed Forces Staff. This day is observed to honour Indian soldiers, sailors, and pilots. The day also pays tribute to hundreds of thousands of men who have died protecting the country.

Armed Forces Flag Day 2022: Significance

This day is observed to encourage public engagement and support across the country for the following goals:

  • To provide rehabilitative assistance to the relatives of war victims.
  • To take initiatives to safeguard the well-being of service members and their families.
  • To assist former service veterans and their families with their welfare and resettlement.

Throughout India, volunteers and members of the general public generate funds by selling coupon flags, stickers, and other goods during the commemoration of this anniversary. This helps to increase the amount of money raised from regular folks in numerous ways.

Three fundamental causes are promoted on Flag Day:

  • Rehabilitation of combat victims
  • serving personnel’s and their families welfare
  • Welfare and resettling of former service members and their families

The distribution of the Indian tricolour flags red, dark blue, and light blue—which represent the three divisions of the Indian Army—by Indian Military personnel take place all over the country. The courageous and daring militant demonstrates to the common people how they overcame an obstacle during a battle and gave their lives in order to defend and protect the lives of the country.