December 11, 2023 04:43:31

Are You Stressed Out & Feeling Anxious? Try Box Breathing

You must have come across the most common phrase “Take a Deep Breathe” that people often use whenever someone is trapped in anxiety or panic situations. Well, most individuals may or might not pay attention to this phrase but you need to know that breathing is an ongoing process that naturally happens without putting any extra effort. However, we tend to feel overly stressed out and even feel anxious about things that are beyond our control. Every overwhelming situation that human faces also end up making our breath feels shallow, irregular, and sometimes way too fast. So, what’s the solution to this? Yes, a simple Box Breathing exercise is the smart way for overcoming these uncontrollable anxiety issues and sudden panic attacks.

Now, you must be curious to know more about Box Breathing and what benefits this method alone offers. Let’s get started:

Box Breathing: What’s That?

The box breathing method is also referred to as “resetting your breath.” It is a simple and effective stress-reduction tactic that involves re-centering your body. When the body is in fight-or-flight mode, box breathing is frequently used by people who work in high-stress environments. And Yes, it works too.

In simple terms, Box Breathing appears to be working by diverting your attention as you count to four, comforting your nervous system, and relieving anxiety in your body.

Box breathing is a simple but effective relaxation approach that can assist you to resume a laid-back breathing pattern. It can clear and soothe your mind, allowing you to focus better.

The Benefits Box Breathing Alone Comes With

Box breathing can be beneficial in a broad range of situations or circumstances, including:

  • It can assist you in dealing with anxiety and mental anguish when you are going through a hard time. Counting aids to divert your attention away from the panic-inducing condition, allowing you to effectively manage and control your reaction.
  • When you have insomnia, it can assist you in sleeping.
  • Controls hyperventilation by instructing your lungs to inhale rhythmically.
  • When you’re having a busy or mentally exhausting day, it can help you focus your attention.
  • Reduces anxiety and panic.
  • Keeps you relaxed while getting ready for the day.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Practice Box Breathing At Home or Elsewhere

This breathing activity can be performed anywhere and doesn’t require any special tools. It is possible to do it while either sitting or standing.

To begin with, follow the simple yet effective step-by-step guide before trying box breathing:


 Maintain an erect position while resting your shoulders. As you inhale through your nose, gently count to four.


Try to hold your breath for four counts.


For a 4 count, slowly exhale through your mouth.


Repeat the above steps 1–3, preferably four times, till you feel re-centered. This may truly believe like the release of physical stress, being under the influence of your breathing, or starting to feel more comfortable or relaxed. This can be done as many times as you like daily.

So, Are You Keeping Up With Box Breathing to Calm Your Body and Mind?

Unlike any other form of exercise, Box breathing is unapologetically the easiest, most effective, and result-oriented yoga practice for relieving tension and increasing a sense of calm in challenging situations. It stimulates the brain and promotes attentiveness. As a result, practice this pranayama whenever you can and reap its magical numerous benefits.