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Amol Palekar’s Birthday Special: M.F. Hussain Used To Say That, Apart From Being An Actor Amol Palekar Is A Wonderful Painter!

After doing hit films like ‘Chhoti Si Baat’, ‘Golmaal’, and ‘Rajnigandha’, Amol Palekar broke the stereotype and played a negative character. In such a situation, people also asked him not to do so but he wanted to do something above anyone’s expectations.

Amol Palekar Career

Amol Palekar always used to say the same thing about himself ‘I am an actor by accident, producer by inclusion, and director by choice.’ But how did Amol Palekar, who appeared on the screen as a common man, who was related to painting, colors, and only theatre, reach the big screen? He never followed a set pattern and did what he liked.

He Was A Fine Arts Student

Amol Palekar was a wonderful painter, everyone saw the magic of his acting, but the magic of his painting brush, the famous painter M.F. Hussain was also a follower. Whenever Hussain met Amol, he used to say I know why you are doing acting, but tell me whether you have done anything new in painting-venting or not. Please tell me that Amol Palekar has made paintings of actresses who have worked with him. Apart from this, many times the exhibition of his skill has also been organized in the art gallery.

Did A Film With Shahrukh Khan

Amol Palekar brought one of the biggest projects of his life. The name of the film was ‘Paheli’. Amol signed Shahrukh Khan as an actor in ‘Paheli’. In such a situation, Amol was very impressed with Shahrukh Khan. It is said that for this film, Shahrukh Khan had said that ‘mustache too, I am ready to put a tail for this film too’.

When He Became The Villain

In the era of 70-80, everyone used to consider their hero as their ideal. In such a situation, the hero chooses the character very thoughtfully, but Amol Palekar always believed in taking challenges. The same thing was that after doing three consecutive hit films ‘Rajniganda’, ‘Chhoti Si Baat’ and ‘Chitchor’, he played a negative role in Shyam Benegal’s ‘Bhumika’, while in ‘Khamosh’ he was also seen in the role of a murderer. In such a situation, the actor repeatedly stopped that he was taking a risk with his career, but Amol did not listen to anyone and did what used to excite him.