May 30, 2024 03:37:59

All you need to know about ‘World Anaesthesia Day’

Why is World Anaesthesia Day celebrated?

‘World Anaesthesia Day’ commemorates the first successful demonstration of diethyl ether anesthesia in 1846. This day celebrates the discovery of anesthesia which made it possible for patients to undergo surgical procedures without any physical pain.

When was the first World Congress of Anesthesia?


In 1955 the first World Congress of Anaesthesiologists was held at Scheveningen in the Netherlands and at the end of the Congress, the WFSA was formed.

Who is the father of anesthesia?

William T.G. Morton

One name stands out amongst all others when the founder of modern anesthesia is discussed, William T.G. Morton (1819-1868). A young Boston Dentist, Dr. Morton had been in search of a better agent than what had been used by many dentists: nitrous oxide.

What are the 4 stages of anesthesia?

They divided the system into four stages:

Stage 1: Induction. The earliest stage lasts from when you first take the medication until you go to sleep. …

Stage 2: Excitement or delirium. …

Stage 3: Surgical anesthesia. …

Stage 4: Overdose.

How long was ether used as an anesthetic?

One hundred years

The discovery of ether for use as an anesthetic was in 1846 which marked the birth of a modern age in anesthesiology. Although its use has been abandoned in the developed world, ether was safely and effectively used as an inhalation anesthetic for over one hundred years.