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All Souls Day 2022: History, Significance & Everything in Between

All Souls Day is considered of utmost importance in Christianity. Every year on November 2, the people of Christianity celebrate this day of souls. On this day, people of Christianity remember to honor the souls of their relatives and friends. People of Christianity say that on this day the souls of those close to them sitting in heaven are prayed for them.

History Of The Day

All Souls Day originated by the Christians of France, whereby it was celebrated for the first time in 998 AD. On a small scale, people named and celebrated this day All Souls Day to honor the souls of the dead. Within a decade Souls Day started being celebrated all over the world but in earlier times it was started on a low scale.

How All Souls Day is celebrated?

People of Christianity celebrate this day in different ways.

In most countries, on All Souls Day, the souls are remembered by lighting bells and candles. In some countries, cakes are fed to children. Hymns and songs related to Christianity are sung. In Mexico, people don’t celebrate this occasion grinning about sadness and grief rather they treat this celebration by remembering the departed souls with rejoicing and blessing them in heaven.