May 30, 2024 02:52:18

All-Rounder Cricketer Hardik Pandya Shares His Workout Routine!

Ace cricketer Hardik Pandya ensures he maintains his physical and mental fitness to stay flexible. On his social media accounts, he has been posting different training videos. His preferred and essential exercises consist of

  • Large-scale lifting
  • Exercise bench
  • Pushups and Pullups
  • Weighted crunches

Emphasizing the importance of fitness and working out, Pandya, stated, “As a professional cricketer, fitness drills have been integral in improving my game and have helped me become an impact player. My fitness regime has added impetus to my performance and allowed me to play each game with high intensity and faster recovery. My goal was to encourage my fans to imbibe fitness and regularly work out as a part of their daily routine. I hope, with this initiative, they get inspired to start their fitness journey and be champions ready to drive India towards becoming a healthier and fitter country.”

His eating habits and diet

His breakfast choices are tea, coffee, green tea, coconut water, and fresh juices
Avocado, cornflakes, wheat flakes, pineapple, bananas, oranges, and choco pops with skim milk, Honey, jam, raisins, almonds, and other toppings, Sliced white, multigrain, and brown bread, reduced-fat cheese, Tuna with diced chicken, uncooked eggs, tomato, cucumber, onion, and lettuce slices

His lunch includes Vegetable, sweet corn, and tomato soup, Naan, roti, and bread rolls, Salads of sliced vegetables with lemon wedges, green peppers, and beets, curd rice, steamed rice, grilled chicken, chicken Manchurian, a variety of dals, seasonal produce such as bhindi, fat-free curd, Pickles and papad, yogurt, fruit salad, and coconut water.


Pandya shares five super fun exercises he swears by:

Warm-ups: Firstly, warming up is of prime importance before any sort of workout. Besides preventing injuries, a proper warm-up activates one’s muscles, allowing them to move better while reducing the risk of injury. It also helps increase one’s flexibility, making our workout more efficient.

Side lunges: Lateral lunges help develop balance, stability, and leg strength that are beneficial for day-to-day activities and prevent falls and injuries. It also contributes to an improved form when exercising.

Reverse lunge, Overhead press: It helps strengthen the core and engages stabilizers in one’s shoulders, including the upper and lower trapezius. It forces one’s core muscles to lengthen and fully contract, ultimately boosting the metabolism. Targeting multiple muscle groups, increases muscle power and strength, resulting in sculpting one’s entire body.

One-arm kettlebell swing: Often referred to as the single-arm kettlebell swing, this exercise improves grip strength and strengthens the core and upper back. It also helps in improving body posture to a great extent.

Hurdle drills: Regular hurdle drills help improve core strength, facilitate increased mobility, and improve overall body coordination. And what is life without a little HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) cardio?