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Alia Bhatt tells one thing she ‘can’t really do’ with daughter Raha in India but always manages to do while on vacation overseas.

According to Alia Bhatt, she enjoys taking Raha on walks while on vacation because she can’t do it in India.
When Alia Bhatt travels to cities like New York, “with less than half as many people as Mumbai,” she has revealed what she most anticipates. Alia spoke about taking advantage of easy pleasures while travelling, such as taking Raha Kapoor for a stroll in the park, in an interview with InStyle Australia. Recently, Alia and her actor-husband Ranbir Kapoor travelled to New York with their 10-month-old child.

Alia on her inability to take Raha on walks while she is in India

We definitely can’t do that in India, Alia Bhatt said when asked about her park stroll with Raha Kapoor. It gets a little complicated for us if I take her out like that. Walking around, seeing her doze off in her stroller and taking her to shops and cafés. After I put her in my tiny carrier, I already had her strapped to me. That is something I really value.

Raha was taken on a stroll by Alia and Ranbir earlier this year in their Mumbai flat block, and pictures of the family quickly went viral. Raha’s face, however, was not depicted in the photos despite Alia and Ranbir’s request to the photographers in January of this year. Raha’s face was to be covered in emojis per the couple’s request to photographers.

Regarding her trip with Raha
Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor wed in April 2022, and they welcomed their first child in November of the previous year. They welcomed Raha into the world on November 6, 2022. Alia had discussed travelling with her daughter Raha earlier in July in an interview with Vogue India. The actor claimed that she now always carries items for Raha in her handbag, including a handkerchief, mittens, a toy, and a small book.

Alia had stated in the video where she was talking about what was in her purse, “I noticed while I was travelling from Mumbai to London, my bag had nothing to do with me. Basically, it only had my passport. Other than that, it had her pacifier, napkins, a burp cloth, mittens, an extra pair of this, socks, a small toy and a book. And I responded, “Okay, okay, Raha’s bag is now my bag.” It’s not my bag anymore.