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After Gojo’s sudden passing, Jujutsu Kaisen supporters cried out in “overwhelming sadness” and prayed for his return.

Fans were devastated when Gojo Satoru, who was possibly the series’ most well-liked character, passed away.
After Gojo’s terrible death, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 237 struck fans hard. At first, the author predicted that Gojo would defeat Sukuna. But when the narrative was reversed and viewers discovered that Sukuna had truly prevailed in the conflict, the unthinkable occurred.

Gojo Satoru was arguably the most well-liked character in the show, hence his eventual demise was heartbreaking for his followers. Although Gojo’s passing has been verified, his supporters think there is still a chance that he could return.

Fans were impressed by how hard Gojo battled and actually dominated the fight with Sukuna. This is why Gojo’s passing struck me as being so shocking.

“I still believe Gojo will come back.”

Fans have been pleading for Gojo’s return on social media, with #jjk237 trending on X. “GOJO GAGGERS BELIEVE IN THE PROCESS HE WILL COME BACK WE WILL PERSEVERE AND OUR KING WILL RISE,” one person said on X. Another person added, “I still believe Gojo will come back.” One person commented, “Geto kindly return Gojo to his home I promise I can bring him to you later (never),” and another, “I have a notion that nobara will get the six eyes in a binding vow with gojo sensei!! Jujutsu high will be preserved by her resonance and the six eyes! Even though he offers his devoted pupil his six eyes, Gojo won’t pass away and will come back without them.

“Gojo is still alive. When Gintama comes back, he’ll be back, one person predicted, while another added, “Anyway, manifesting Gojo’s return.” “The brand-new chapter is now out, and I am overcome with melancholy. Please give Gojo Satoru back, one user pleaded.