December 11, 2023 04:54:44

After an Instagram user discovers a fly in the actor’s “healthy” dal, Jackie Shroff comments

Recently, Jackie Shroff ate chappati, bitter gourd dish, lentils, and a fly. See the actor’s response to a question about it.
Recently, actor Jackie Shroff uploaded a video to Instagram showing his “farm to table” lunch. A fly was discovered in one of the meals, as noted by a social media user. The performer made a brief remark in response to the individual.

Jackie uploads a clip of his lunch
Jackie was shown in the video sitting outside with a small table set up with various foods. Along with other foods, his dinner featured rotis (chappati), karele ki sabzi (bitter gourd curry), dal (pulses), curry, and salad. He spoke about his dinner and showed a close-up of it before pointing the camera in the direction of the nearby vegetation.

Jackie discusses ‘healthy’ foods
From farm to table, today we cooked nature’s fuel (emoji of a leaf flying in the wind),” Jackie said as the caption for the photo. The only strategy is to maintain a healthy, grounded lifestyle. Let me know if you need the recipe, Bhidu, and I’ll send it over. The hashtags National Cooking Day, balanced meal, natural nutrition, and eat clean and green and clean were also added by him.

Jackie replies to a user of Instagram
A fan commented on the post, “Daal mein makkhi giri hui hai (A fly has fallen in the lentils),” in response to it. Am I the only person who noticed it? Bhidu jungle mein baitha hoon (I’m sitting in the jungle),” Jackie retorted. “Dadaaaaaaaaa (Brother) (red heart emoji),” said Suniel Shetty. Jackie answered with an emoji of a red heart.