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Actor Kim Min Jae enlists in the military as Dali & Cocky Prince

Kim Min Jae is well recognised for his work on the dramas Dr. Romantic, Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Tempted, and Dali & Cocky Prince.
Actor Kim Min Jae formally enlisted in the South Korean military on Monday. Kim Min Jae will enlist in the military today, according to his agency, Nyam Nyam Entertainment, as reported by Koreaboo. We kindly request your warm encouragement and support for Kim Min Jae, who will dutifully carry out his responsibilities and make a speedy recovery.

Kim Min Jae joins a band in the military
Kim Min Jae uploaded a picture of himself with his hair shaved off for the military-required buzz cut on his Instagram account. He said, “”I will return in good health,” in his subsequent account. However, his agency also published a picture of the actor joining an army division.

Hwang Bo Ra, the actor’s co-star in the films Dali and Cocky Star, left the actor a message on Instagram. Because today is Min Jae’s enlistment date, she uploaded a screenshot of his buzzcut appearance from their video conversation and said, “Ah, our Min Jae video phoned. After witnessing his buzz cut, I felt like crying as though I were sending my younger brother [to the military]. I got to know him through a project, but I think of him as my younger brother. He will be back in March 2025. Let’s survey the Korean film industry when you go back. I love you, please return safely.

After finishing basic military training, the actor will reportedly enlist in the military band. The actor told his audience about his enlistment: “Today, I have something I want to tell you directly. I believe a lot of people were intrigued, but on September 18 I will enlist in the military to meet my required national defence obligations.

“I will be joining the military band, and while I am sorry that I won’t be seeing you all for a long, I am also happy and grateful that my time in the service will give me the opportunity to explore and learn more. I won’t forget the priceless advice and encouragement you gave me, and I’ll come back stronger to repay your love,” he concluded, promising to do so.

Kim Min Jae’s enlisting was the subject of persistent rumours. In the midst of this, actor Han Suk Kyu made the initial announcement of Kim Min Jae during the Dr. Romantic 3 media conference in April of this year. He claimed, “When I first met Kim Min Jae during Season 1, there was a point where I told him, ‘Hurry up, and go to the military,’ but he is going to the military in July.” It was unknown when Kim Min Jae planned to enlist, but he stated, “I think this will become the last project of my 20s.”

I’m not enrolling in July, and the date has not yet been decided, he subsequently explained to Soompi. Within a year, I anticipate joining the military.

When Kim Min Jae appeared in the South Korean-Vietnamese drama Forever Young in 2014, he was just breaking into the industry as a rising rapper and getting ready for his idol debut. He continued acting in K-dramas such as Dali & Cocky Prince, Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist, Tempted, Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency, Guardian (Goblin): The Lonely and Great God, Dr. Romantic, and more.