December 9, 2023 09:56:57

Activity Increased At Chinese Airbase After Tawang Clash: Satellite Images Revealed That Drone-Fighter Jets Deployed Just 150 KM Away From Arunachal!

On December 9, China, which was defeated in a skirmish with the Indian Army in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, increased activity at its airbase near the North-East border. The number of fighter jets and drones has increased here. China’s activities are visible in the satellite image of Maxar Technology.

According to media reports, China has deployed the Soaring Dragon drone at the Bangda airbase. This drone is visible in the satellite image. Bangda airbase is just 150 km from the Arunachal border. After this, the Indian Air Force also conducted maneuvers last Thursday and Friday.

Earlier on December 11, the American defense website War Zone released satellite images showing 10 Chinese aircraft and 7 drones at the Shigatse Peace Airport in Tibet. China has 5 airports in Tibet at Nyingchi, Shigatse, and Nagari and they are close to the India-Nepal border. China started the bullet train from Lhasa to Nyingchi last year which is near Arunachal.

First Challenge: Dragon Drone Capable Of Surveillance And Attack

Apart from the Soaring Dragon drone, temporary aircraft shelters are also visible in the image. The Soaring Dragon drone was brought in 2021. It is used for surveillance, espionage, and attack. It can fly continuously for about 10 hours. It is being told that this drone can also transfer data for cruise missile attacks so that it can hit the target on the ground. India currently does not have any drones in this category.

Second Challenge: China’s Network Is Ready And Active

Samir Joshi, a former fighter pilot, said that looking at the capabilities of the drones, it seems that China has set up a network close to the McMahon Line in the North-East, which is fully active. This drone is part of this Chinese system, in which their air force can monitor India’s ground positions in real-time. These positions can be targeted through missiles from other drones and fighter aircraft. Sameer is working with Hindustan Aeronautics on making new-generation drones for Indian forces.

Third Challenge: Fighter Jets Were Seen On Bangda After Tawang

Fighter jets were also seen at Bangda airbase on December 14, 5 days after the clash in Tawang on December 9. These were flanker-type fighter jets i.e. Chinese version of Sukhoi-30. Sim Tak of Force Analysis says that the increase in China’s air combat capability in the Tibet region can have a big impact on the Indian Air Force.

What China Wants: Measuring The Capacity Of The Indian Air Force

According to experts, China’s activity in Bangda increased when the Indian Air Force conducted a major air exercise in Arunachal. This could be a coincidence. It is also possible that China is doing this to understand the Indian Air Force’s wargames, and their strategies, and to assess the capability of our radars and electronics. And… with its help, in the event of a dispute, they could use the necessary information against India.

Indian Air Force Also Did Maneuvers For Two Days

The Indian Air Force also conducted maneuvers last Thursday and Friday. In this, about 40 front-line fighter aircraft of the Air Force including the state-of-the-art fighter jets Rafale and Sukhoi-30MKI participated. Advance Warning and Control System aircraft also participated in the exercise in the Eastern Air Command area. However, the central government described this exercise as a normal process.