December 1, 2023 05:22:01

About Meher Sheikh

Often it is quite difficult for a person to take the road less travelled & reach great heights with courage and tenacity. But that’s not the case for Meher Sheikh, who chose to cut her own path to success & has inspired a generation of entrepreneurs with her sheer willpower, creativity, and entrepreneurship. With profound experience in the media industry, she is known as one of the most influential female figures in India. 

A Short Background 

With the aim of becoming financially independent, Meher Sheikh completed her higher studies at Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia and started working as a fashion merchandiser with a company in Noida. There she put in two and half years of effort while also saving up enough money to pursue her dream of studying journalism and becoming an anchor

She knew that she couldn’t depend on anyone else’s pocket money, so she worked both night shifts rigorously in an MNC in Gurgaon & completed her journalism degree simultaneously. She strived hard despite facing harsh criticism from society coupled with financial struggles.  

Her Achievement & Awards 

  1. Emerging Female Influencer in Media Industry Award – This prestigious award was bestowed upon Meher Sheikh for being a disruptive force in the media industry through creative content solutions and multi-platform solutions at Nikology & Paper network, respectively. 
  2. She was also added to the international Who’s Who amongst professionals by Magazine Cummings inc., USA home office, for walking the extra mile and achieving milestones swiftly without any professional support system during difficult times.  

Her Business Ventures: The Making of an Entrepreneur 

  1. Nikology – It’s an online platform for people craving quality news, discussions about trending topics & web series videos. It is one of India’s fastest-growing YouTube channels, with almost 2 million subscribers! Moreover, her vision is also to educate youth & build communities where learning takes precedence over everything else!  
  2. Globolosys Fashion – This venture comprises collaborations between some renowned brands across fashion industries, such as footwear and athleisure, by providing buyers with customized products very catering to the possibilities they exactly they need, besides sharing insights regarding upcoming trends and designs from renowned talent from around the world do also stock unsold items at various value points.   
  3. Sotbella – Recently, she has come up with Sotbella (Say On To Bellatrix) name ‘Sotbella’ branding under which personal style statements will be launched! Be rest assured that Sotbella shall revolve around empowering those who demand something unique!   

In Last Words

Meher Sheikh’s achievements are nothing short of inspirational, even when considering all odds stacked against success, as it required an immense level of dedication, focus, and discipline commitment. Eventually, the sky becomes the limit!  She truly embodies what it means to be determined and hardworking towards reaching your goals despite challenges that may come your way! Her inspiring story was something that no one had expected, but all were amazed by such great achievement in such a short period of time! It’s stories like hers that motivate us all towards achieving greatness IRL!

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