December 1, 2023 05:51:04

Important life Lessons We Can Learn From The Ramayana!

When Ramayana Written?

The Ramayana, also known as ancient Indian mythology, was written in the 5th century BCE. It was written in the Sanskrit language by one of the greatest Indian Sage Valmiki who also was a teacher of Lova and Kush- SiyaRam’s twins.

Ramayana includes 24000 verses, which are also called MahaKavya as well as AdiKavya in Hindi. The story of Ramayana may appear about palaces, politics, and battles with devils. However, it teaches us the greatest philosophy, ethics, and responsibility as an individual.

Ramayana is full of such lessons to help you find the proper path of Dharma and Karma. These 5 Life lessons you learn from Ramayana will make you a better person in the future.

  • Follow And Honor Dharma To Attain Moksha

Unfortunately, we all are lost in hunting materialism and bodily pleasures. Dharma is the essential thing to chase in life. After all, the ultimate purpose of life is Moksha. Moksha can be attained only by following a life of Dharma.

  • The Importance Of Marriage

In Treta Yug, the practice of polygamy (by men) was entirely accepted. Even King Dasaratha (Rama’s father) was married to three women. In stark opposition to his father, Rama remained married and loyal to Sita. 

  • Truth Alone Triumphs!

The most essential teaching from Ramayana is that irrespective of how powerful evil is, it will be defeated by Good. Truth always wins, regardless of how vicious or deadly the lie is. The win of right over wrong is a universal truth. A person needs to have a noble heart and desirable values. 

  • Ramayana Teaches Us That Unity Has Power

Ramayana teaches us that Unity has power. By being united, we can overcome. Siblings must love, care for, and protect each other. Always take a stand for our family because together, a family can win over any situation. The result of togetherness gives the energy to sail the ship when the tide seems higher than the sky.

  • Ramayana Teaches Us To Love And Respect Our Parents

Rama’s keeping the promise made by his father shows the deep love and devotion that he had for his parents. He willingly chose to spend 14 years in the forest to protect his father’s much-esteemed honor. Children have duties towards their parents. Remember, the Truth that Dashrath died pining for his son. It shows the attachment every parent has for their children. One of the most important Life lessons to learn from Ramayana is that no matter what you are, your parents always love and care for you.