April 14, 2024 03:28:44 booked.net

8 times legendary actor Vinod Khanna proved that he was a charmer in the 90s

1. When he starred in an iconic Cinthol ad that saw him running wild in double-denim with a horse on Juhu beach (allegedly)

2. When he wore a Chinese collared shirt with…wait for it…Buddhist beads!

3. When he posed with Sri Devi in his iconic gelled-back hair look

4. When he wore the first hashtag T-shirt

5. When he made monochrome tuxedos a thing

6. When he single-handedly popularized the vintage aviator look

7. When he taught us to roll up our sleeves and fearlessly flaunt our statement-y sunglasses

8. When he showed us how to wear a printed tie with a basic-ass, blue suit