December 5, 2023 01:24:30

8 Hidden Food Gems in Delhi You May Not Have Heard Of Yet!

  1. The Shim Tur

Most of us are familiar with Chinese cuisine, visit The Shim Tur for some affordable Korean food for a change! A cute little place with wooden seating arrangements, they aim to maintain the authenticity of their dishes. However, you may have to search for a bit to find the place.

  1. Anna Madras Cafe

A good South Indian plate always fills your heart, and Anna Madras Cafe would do just that. Although nestled in a small seating space, they serve some of the best dosas in Delhi. The taste justifies the originality as South Indians itself manage it.

  1. Lotan ke Chole Kulche, Chawri Bazar

A hearty, early Chole Kulche breakfast at Lotan ke Chole Kulche would be the perfect start to your day. A perfect blend of spices, the Chole here is perfectly cooked. An accessible, affordable breakfast destination for a long time now, the eatery provides a stand-and-eat area as well as takeaway services.

  1. Jughead Fast Food Corner

Jughead is the place to go when you are starving and craving for something sumptuous and filling. With a mouth-watering Chinese, Indian and Western menu, Jughead Fast Food Corner provides a small but cosy and clean sitting area to enjoy your meal.

  1. Aslam Chicken

Aslam Chicken is more of an open secret especially for those frequenting the Jama Masjid area. Known for its array of affordable chicken Mughlai and North Indian dishes, the eatery is your go-to for all your essential kebabs or chap cravings. It is advised to find the place early to find some seats.

  1. Juneja’s, Meherchand Market

Juneja’s is a decent place swarmed during lunchtime. With a wide variety of dishes and fewer seats, Juneja’s promises you quick service. Since they have larger portions, you could visit this restaurant with a more massive crowd.

  1. Spice Aangan

Spice Aangan is a great Shawarma zone. Apart from some of the top shawarma rolls in town, they also serve an array of delicious chicken and mutton curries. With courteous and friendly staff, Spice Aangan has a takeaway counter as well.

  1. Pradeep Pav Bhaji

Pradeep Pav Bhaji serves the quintessential Bombay Pav Bhaji at the heart of Delhi. The bhaji here is definitely for the city spice lovers. With irresistible spices on the counter and ever-fresh and soft pav, Pradeep Pav Bhaji also provides takeaway and home delivery facilities.

So, if you are hungry in Delhi, these are some top places you should discover.