December 9, 2023 05:46:56

7 Life Lessons To Learn From Amitabh Bachchan!

  • Punctuality

One thing that is always said about Amitabh Bachchan is that Amit Ji is punctual. Even today, this thing is mainly hidden behind Amit Ji’s success that he has respected time, and only then the time has respected him. Amit Ji always teaches us to be punctual.

  • Humility

Amit Ji has always been seen as humble toward others. Amit Ji meets even a small person with the same love. Rarely have you seen them in anger? Many times on screen while acting, we get his anger but in reality, he doesn’t do it at all. That’s why even small and new directors feel comfortable while making films with Amit Ji.

  • Passion

Passion was like he had inherited it. We all have dreams but are afraid to work hard for them. Amit Ji says in one of his interviews that “1995 was a difficult time. ABCL was in debt. I had gone bankrupt. Once upon a time, people who wanted to work with me used to come and abuse me. One night, I asked myself ‘Who am I’ and then I realized that I had come here to act and that’s what I should do.” This passion and passion is making Amitabh Ji a superhero. This is what today’s youth army needs to learn. If there is a dream in the eyes and passion in the heart, then the destination is found at the right time.

  • Family Responsibilities

Amit Ji is also a good husband, a good father, a good father-in-law, and also a good grandfather. Even after being so busy, how well is a person fulfilling the family responsibility? We should learn this from them. We always say that if we want to earn money or see family, then we must learn this thing from Amit Ji.

  • Love

No one can teach us to love. But as we hear and narrate stories of love stories, we should learn to love Amit Ji. To live for one and be devoted to him, no one can learn better than Amit Ji.

  • Adhering to Culture

From films to real life, Amit Ji has always followed his culture. While acting in many places, there were occasions when the culture had to be abandoned, but even there, he did not make any compromise with his sanskars. Perhaps that is why today Amit Ji remains the brand ambassador in many places and keeps giving us the message to stay connected with our culture.

  • Patriotism

Today Amit Ji is promoting the country’s soil by going outside India. He has a significant number of fans outside India as well. Many times Amitabh Ji has taken out his time for the sake of the country’s soldiers and many times he has also left the advertisements that compromise the image of the country. Such patriotism should be in us too, which is found in very few people these days.