December 9, 2023 05:19:48

7 Ayurveda Health Tips To Consider For Sharad Ritu

  1. Stay away from hot and sweet food items

It is better to avoid hot, sweet, or bitter foods during this time. Stay away from all heavy dishes that include oily or fried items. Reduce the consumption of non-vegetarian food, especially meat.

  1. Avoid overeating

Be careful if you have the habit of snacking between meals. Sharad Ritu is the time when you should practice minimal consumption of food. Try to consume food only when you are hungry.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables during the season. But avoid fruits in the evening time.

  1. Engage in restorative techniques

Sharad Ritu is the best time to engage in restoring methods for your health. You can do Virechana (cleansing the small intestine), Rakta Mokshana (releasing impure blood from the body), and other Panchakarma therapy techniques.

You may wear flower garlands during this season. Exposing yourself to moonbeams and staying away from sunlight is also a healthy practice to follow for the period.

  1. Avoid naps during the daytime

If you take naps during the day, this is the season to remove the habit. Short naps will affect the healthy balance of your body.

Digestive disorders & skeletal problems are a possibility if you sleep during the daytime.

  1. Water intake tips

Drink a lot of boiled water. You can practice Hansodaka, which is essentially a healing and positive-energy-inducing process. The idea is to take water in a copper vessel and keep it outside for a day and a night before consumption.

You can use bathing water also following in the same manner, which will nourish and empower your body vibes.

  1. Do morning exercise

Morning exercises are the best for any season and Sharad Ritu is no different. It will eliminate any negative impact due to seasonal imbalances on your body.

Rise early in the morning and exercise for at least 15 – 20 minutes. As per Ayurveda health care practices, yoga could help you a lot. Do it regularly and with discipline for the entire season.

  1. Be mindful of your strength & energy

Your strength and energy will be at a moderate level this season. Try to balance your lifestyle and diet plans accordingly.

Try to spend more time in nature. Water bodies (lakes, rivers, seas) are the best place to spend your spare time and experience maximum potential.