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50th Chief Justice of India: Dr. Justice Dhananjaya Yashwant Chandrachud

As we all know India’s 49th Chief Justice of India Uday Umesh Lalit will be retiring soon. President Droupadi Murmu has appointed Dr. Justice Dhananjaya Yashwant Chandrachud as the new 50th Chief Justice of India. Justice D.Y. Chandrachud will take oath as CJI on 9th November 2022.

A week ago, Chief Justice of India Uday Umesh Lalit had set in motion the process of appointment of his successor. While Justice Lalit has a tenure of 74 days, Justice D.Y.  Chandrachud will serve as the CJI only for two years, until 10th November 2024.

How is the ‘Chief Justice of India appointed?

To begin with, the President appoints the Chief Justice of India (CJI) under Article 124(2) of the Constitution. In terms of the CJI, the retiring CJI proposes his successor. The suggestion is further forwarded by the Union Law Minister to the Prime Minister, who then advises the President.

Do you know who will be the next 50th ‘Chief Justice of India’?

Dr. Justice Dhanajaya Yeshwant Chandrachud

Dr. Justice Dhananjaya Yashwant Chandrachud was appointed as the next 50th ‘Chief Justice of India’ (CJI). Justice Chandrachud will have a relatively long tenure of two years and his retirement will be due on 10th November 2024.

 Who is the 25th Chief Justice of India?

Supreme Court of India (1950–present)

No.                   Name (birth-death)                                                                         Period of office

22                   Kamal Narain Singh (1926–2022)                                                      25 November 1991

23                   Madhukar Hiralal Kania (1927–2016)                                    13 December 1991

24                   Lalit Mohan Sharma (1928–2008)                                              18 November 1992

25                   Manepalli Narayanarao Venkatachaliah (1929–)                   12 February 1993

Do you know what is the salary of the ‘CJI’ of India?

 Also Pays, Allowance, and Pension

   Designation                                           Salary                                                                        Gratuity

Chief Justice of India                                      Rs.2,80,000/-p.m.                                          Rs.20,00,000/-

Judges of Supreme Court                             Rs.2,50,000/-p.m.                                        Rs.20,00,000/-

Chief Justices of High Court                      Rs.2,50,000/-p.m.                                               Rs.20,00,000/-

Judges of High Court                                    Rs.2,25,000/-p.m.                                         Rs.20,00,000/-

Who is the highest-paid judge?

The highest-paid general jurisdiction court judges are in the District of Columbia ($218,600), Illinois ($216,297), and California ($214,601). The lowest paid are in the Northern Mariana Islands ($120,000), Puerto Rico ($89,600), and American Samoa ($64,365).