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5 things student can learn from lord Ram

1) Never Give Up

It may take a day, weeks, or even years, but when you fix a goal, never back down.

Sita was held captive by Ravan, king of Lanka, and searching for his beloved took Rama an enormous amount of time and he never backed down or even thought of giving up. Such is the power of love and the dedication one has towards his/her goals.

2) Modesty is the Best Policy

 He’s the most skilled archer there is. He has a thorough knowledge of the greatest Astras and Shastras to employ upon. But all of that power and knowledge has NEVER put an ounce of arrogance in his path of vision and his humility is unparalleled.

You may be the best there is at what you do. But keeping that output in a check is a must

3) Keep Calm

He has fought great wars, and mythical monsters and has had traumatic experiences but never did he lose his cool or even filched a bit. An enormous level of control and impeccable control over his feelings and emotions has been the signature attribute of Lord Rama since the beginning of the mythos.

  Whatever may be the situation, try and keep a cool head. You panicking won’t help solve the crisis.

4) Obey and Respect Your Elders

He NEVER questioned his parent’s decisions even if it meant a horrendous and dangerous life in the woods. He agreed to take on monsters like Thataki at the mere asking of his father and went to a life of exile at the wish of his stepmother. He is the very embodiment of Aadharsh Balak.

You might not approve of your parent’s actions but in the long run, they might have made the best choice for your own greater good.

5) Prejudice Is Never An Option

When Ravan’s brother Vibhishan came to Rama as he was banished from his own kingdom, Rama never a moment, had any prejudice against him even when his followers were not sure about it. When they all understood the value of Vibhishan’s knowledge and expertise and how it helped them, they began to see the foresightedness of Rama.

Prejudice is never the key. Something might seem off about what you might have encountered but look past the common attributes and you will see the real values of people and situations/opportunities.